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College Campus:

The College Campus is being equipped with a Permanent RCC Building with the latest architectural techniques. The College building consists of required class rooms, well furnished laboratories, excellent library, fully air-conditioned Auditorium, a spacious play ground. The entire campus is planted with green trees with full of flowers and the campus is provided with all weather approach road. The elevation of the college building is very attractive and the campus will induce the learning skills of the students by its ambient atmosphere. All the class rooms are fitted with necessary lights and fans in addition to the natural ventilation and natural air flow. The toilets separately for girls and boys are tiled flooring and maintained hygienically. The entire campus is provided with compound wall which ensures the safety of the student teachers and the lecturers.

Science Lab:

The science lab is equipped with the latest modern equipments which are needed for the student teachers and the wall are displayed with the suitable charts for the easy understanding of the students. The Science lab is equipped with latest state-of-art furniture and the necessary working models are displayed neatly in the Science Lab.

Psychology Lab:

The Psychology Lab is furnished with latest state-of-art furniture and the laboratories consisting of different psychological equipments, charts, experiments, test etc., related to Educational Psychology It helps students to understand the psychology of children, adult or any other social member.

The Computer Lab:

The Computer Lab is well equipped with state-of-the-art computers. Systems all interconnected through LAN. The systems work under Windows environments.

Club Activities:

MCE offer clubs to provide opportunities for students to develop a skill to a level of expertise. Various clubs like Tamil Literature club, English Literacy club, Science club, Mathematics club and Arts club are functioning in the college which develop a sense of purpose, confidence and self worth.